TOP 5 Most Efficient VPN for Torrents

Best VPN for Torrents

Most contemporary users of the internet prefer downloading media files and software to purchasing physical copies. While some digital versions of music, movies, and programs can be bought, many still must be torrented. We want to tell you about top 5 VPN options for torrents that you can use to get any file you need.

These service providers are listed in no particular order. All of the variants described below fit requirements of a torrent user quite well. Some are slightly better than others regarding pricing and usability, but the difference in many cases is negligent.

The Best VPN for Torrents: Express VPN Torrent Features

Key Features:

  • An expansive network of 2700 servers;
  • Serves over 20 million users globally;
  • Features apps for all OS and devices;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

When you need a fast and reliable connection with servers situated all around the world, this is your best choice. If you are looking for the best free torrent VPN, take a closer look at ExpressVPN. It is a free torrent VPN that focuses on providing excellent service and does not compromise when it comes to quality.

With 148 high-performance servers in 94 countries, this company offers a stellar level of anonymity. Zero log policy, extensive encryption for traffic, and instant kill switch feature allow you to avoid being spied on. Simultaneously, you will ensure that your ISP does not know how you use the traffic. Download whatever you want and keep the ISP out of your business.

24/7 technical support employs knowledgeable specialists. You will appreciate the amount of care and the speed with which they solve your problems. ExpressVPN is a great all-around brand. $12.95 for a monthly subscription is not expensive for possibly the best VPN torrent out there.


Key Features:

  • Nearly 150 servers in more than 90 countries;
  • Incredible technical support;
  • Fast, safe connections;
  • Zero log and kill switch features.
  • Cheap and Efficient: Nord VPN Torrent Features

NordVPN is regarded by many professionals and users as the best VPN for torrents. This brand made a name for its relatively inexpensive services and allows users to get a 30-day free trial. If you do not like the service, ask for a money-back. If you pay for two years upfront, the monthly fee will be less than four dollars.

The quality of connections and security are both outstanding. You won’t notice any problems on the technical side of the business. With a strong focus on safety and pricing, this company surely fights for its place in the market by hitting that sweet balance between prices and quality.

This service is also an excellent VPN torrent download wise due to a unique feature that allows you to use optimized P2P connections. This makes browsing torrent sites and downloading safe and discreet. Avoid spying eyes of your ISP and keep downloading whatever you want.

Avast VPN

Key Features:

  • High-speed, secure connections;
  • Optimized P2P feature;
  • Up to 6 simultaneously connected devices;
  • Zero Log policy.
  • An Old School Option: Avast SecureLine VPN

For users of Avast VPN torrent downloading is never restricted. It is a torrent VPN that uses only a handful of highly secure high-performance servers and relies heavily on the quality of their software. They have 54 servers in 34 countries.

Avast is a respected software company that produced multiple noticeable solutions. Antivirus scanners, firewalls, and other utility programs helped users improve their experience with PCs. Stepping in the territory of VPN service was just a logical step for this brand. Avast offers attentive customer support and access to advanced technology for a reasonable price.

A multi-device option will cost you less than $5 per month if you buy a year plan. It is not much for the level of service offered by this company. While special features for torrents do not exist, Avast is still an excellent VPN for torrent users. Up to 2 Gb/s downloading speed and unlimited bandwidth allow you to get any file quickly.


Key Features:

  • No bandwidth limitations;
  • Over 50 stable, fast servers in 34 countries;
  • Up to 2 Gb per second connection speed;
  • Outstanding safety and security.
  • A Specialized Instrument: IPVanish

Rated by many users and pros as the best VPN for torrent users, this brand focuses on this audience hard. 100% privacy promise ensures you that you will not be spied on by the ISP. You can download anything privately. The chance of someone spying on you is close to zero, and the total anonymity is quite useful.

SOCKS5 is a unique feature that masks the real IP-address and makes completely invisible. This option makes IPVanish an excellent VPN torrent users will ever be able to use. Good level of customer support also elevates this brand to the level of top companies in the market.

Fast connections and unlimited bandwidth help you free yourself from borders when it comes to surfing the web. For those who download any torrent VPN is a necessity. Especially, if your ISP tries to limit the bandwidth when you try to download huge files. If you pay on a monthly basis, it is one of the cheapest options ($10 per month). However, $78 per year may sound a bit too much for some people.

CyberGhost VPN

Key Features:

  • More than a thousand servers globally;
  • Tailored for torrent downloading;
  • Costs only $10 per month.
  • The Best Deal: CyberGhost VPN

Through a good VPN torrents can be downloaded safely and anonymously. CyberGhost offers high speeds, unlimited traffic, secure connections, and more. However, the best part is that you can get a welcome bonus of 6 months for free. This is a VPN service that can cost you only $2.75 per month with an upfront payment of $50 for 18 months of service.

Regarding service quality, this brand does not lose to other companies featured in our TOP5. It is a company that focuses on meeting your expectations. Over 2700 servers located in more than 100 countries across the globe and reliable connections make browsing safe and fast. Technological innovations used in encryption help improve the level of safety.


Author: Jason Freeman

Jason is a security expert and researcher. He currently works in a mobile device security and shares his expertise by writing reviews of cyber security products.