VPN for Windows

VPN for Windows

Three best VPNs for Windows

Search and use of free VPN for Windows 10 is becoming more relevant for many users, especially the latest version of the system. When using VPN, windows users may rest assured that no one sees which sites they visit, what theydownload and upload. With good encryption and conscientiousness of the developers, no action can be associated with a specific user. For absolute anonymity and a larger scale of action, it’s better to choose paid versions, but for most users there will be quite enough or cut-down versions, or absolutely free (but with less capabilities). It is possible to configure Windows 10 VPN, but this is more difficult than using specially developed applications, and in addition, there are some nuances. What to use, a full client or browser extensions, everyone decides by himself, depending on the situation. So, in Russia there can be enough add-on, and without VPN (Windows 10, for example) in China you can not go to social networks, Skype, and even use Google services (maps, mail, documents). In principle, before entering any other country, it is better to clarify whether you need a VPN software for Windows 10, and if so, which one.

Free VPN (Windows 10)

Here we will consider the situation in more detail. Best VPN for Windows 10 is more important than for 7 or 8, and this is due to the fact that the system is actively monitoring the user.


There is CYPERGHOST among the best VPN software for Windows. It is very fast, but there is a time limit: only 3 hours of continuous connectivity, then the client will be disconnected, and it will take 5-7 minutes to connect again. If you need speed, even for free, you can start with this VPN for Windows: with a single launch button, even beginners will understand. In the basic version, P2P traffic is severely restricted.

FLYVPN works very simply, does not require registration, and provides a large selection of servers, but it is better to choose the nearest ones to get a good speed. To establish a connection, you need to get a temporary pair of username and password on the site. The big disadvantage of this service is that a rather unstable connection is provided for free, which can be cut off every 30-60 minutes, and then you need to wait again for 5-7 minutes for the connection.

SOFTETHER is one of the best options available in the market for advanced users or for those who are willing to patiently deal with settings and configuration. There are no restrictions on traffic or its type. But there is no stable work: the server to which you are connected can suddenly stop working. It is better to choose the nearest servers to get a good speed, but at different times there are completely different locations available. On the other hand, such a connection and traffic does not offer any other VPN service, so it’s probably worth the effort.


Author: Jason Freeman

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