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If ten years ago virtual private networks were mostly for sysadmins and paranoiacs, today they turned into an urgent necessity. Regardless of what the smartphone user wants to do – look for a job on LinkedIn, see Netflix or read about the policy – it will come in handy for one of the free VPNs on Android.

Another thing is that free best VPN for Android are free of charge very conditionally. The creators of virtual private networks for public use should somehow support their servers. Therefore, any service with varying degrees of importunity will force the user to buy a subscription. It is not necessary to blame them for it, but it’s worth thinking about what you are willing to sacrifice for free.

VPN for Android: Hola

Perhaps the most scandalous example is how to exploit users who are avid for free. Hola VPN is a great app for Android that provides access to a virtual private network. With it, you can launch traffic to various popular Android apps via VPN for Android phone.

In the app, traffic tunneling through a huge number of countries is available, there is no advertising, the service is very fast (usually VPN slows down the connection), and you do not even have to ask for a Premium subscription. Perhaps, at first glance, this is the best free VPN for Android.

However, for all this splendor you conclude with the service a silent contract that through your device traffic of other customers of the service will be skipped – and that’s the actual price. You automatically become a member of the P2P network. The developers were hiding this fact until it was discovered with a scandal by the researchers. However, the service is justified by the fact that it uses your device only in the background and passes through you no more than 6 MB per day. It’s for you to decide if you want different scammers to get free and fast anonymous surfing tunnel through your own device.

Best VPN for Android phone: ZenMate

So let’s continue with our Android VPN reviews? ZenMate is an excellent extension for browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari, which allows you to bypass the blocking of all colors, has a version in the form of an app for Android. After a simple registration procedure, ZenMate VPN will give you access to the VPN, which can be turned on at any time with a single click.

The app can redirect traffic from your device through the US, Romania, Hong Kong or Germany. It does not limit the traffic that you can pass through the tunnel, it does not bother with advertising and it is very easy to configure – in fact, pressing one big button is all you need to do.

However, when using the free version of the service, the speed will be significantly reduced. Users with a wide channel may feel uncomfortable. Thus, the service is designed to make you to purchase a paid subscription to get the best vpn for android, which will increase the connection speed and expand the list of countries through which you can tunnel traffic. If the speed of the connection for you is not critical, the app, of course, will be wonderful. But watching movies in 1080p will have to be sacrificed.


TunnelBear VPN is a creative and convenient best VPN for Android that can explain even to a novice user how virtual private networks work. In addition to a fun animation showing how a tunnel from one country to another “breaks” a snarling bear, the app offers traffic redirection through 18 countries in Europe, Asia and America, decent speed, allowing even watching movies, and a complete lack of advertising.

However, if you use the service for free, the total amount of traffic that you can pass through the VPN is limited to 500 MB per month. You can additionally bargain yourself another gigabyte, telling about the app on Twitter. Thus, only one and a half gigabytes a month. Streaming is naturally not avaiable – buy a paid subscription and get a best android vpn or wait for the next month.

Traffic restriction is present not only in TunnelBear, but also in other services, for example, Rocket VPN or VPN Master.

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Jason Freeman
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