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TunnelBear is the Canadian VPN provider which offer the cross-platform client backed by the capable network of about 900 servers in the 20 countries. Its VPN provides an acceptable speeds and the high-end privacy for the reasonable price. It’s the feature-packed VPN with the software for all the platforms which keeps very non-invasive and minimal connection logs about the users. TunnelBear is outstanding for the beginners because it’s super easy when using. Additionally, the VPN has the superbly privacy written policy which is transparent and up-to-date.


The features of TunnelBear review is translated into the layman terms. Customization and functionality are slated for the beginners. The sign up requires the email, but you do not require to submit many identifying details. Generally, you are up and also running in the matter of seconds.

A desktop app is the breeze for one to use and which comes with many toon-style eye-candy. One moment the bear is in a honey pot in the country is when hitting the connection which digs the tunnel to resurface anywhere else. The ultimate accord is bear roar signalling where you are connected. The usability is excellent with their clients. The locations list, map, and settings are self-explanatory and straightforward when getting them.


TunnelBear typically comes having 900 servers and 20 server locations. You cannot choose the server, though, as an app only the lists locations. Inevitably, speeds incline to drop when you are connected to the servers located in the distant regions where TunnelBear cannot be immune to an effect.

Pricing and Plans

The pricing of TunnelBear is fair, with the free trial which has 500MB of the data each month, and an additional 5GB for dispersing the word concerning the provider. When you require the VPN for the limited time each month, you are required to make the free accounts.

“Giant” is the $10-worth monthly plans which cover upto five devices with no data caps. Best deal is ?Grizzly? plan which will set off $60 every year that is the bargain by every modern standard.

It accepts the credit cards, WebMoney, PayPal, Mint, and also other options which include Bitcoin. The payment plans are done by the 30-day refund policy that is not overly restricted. You may pay using a credit card or Bitcoin, but there is no money-back which is guaranteed.

Privacy and Security

The privacy policy of TunnelBear is light read without unclear legal speak. They normally keep no logs activity. No websites you can visit, session data, assigned IPs and DNS queries.

TunnelBear keeps the email and also your first name, together with your total amount of the data consumed every month, and the OS versions of the hardware. On how they offer their service with the breakdown of each data piece, it, and on how they are using it, it is the best.

TunnelBear is the best place to begin if you are newcomer to VPNs. It is intuitive, and most reliable and straightforward. It is undoubtedly on affordable end with the free plan being great no-strings-attached way for the test of the services. Their privacy policies are transparent, and secure watertight with the 256-bit and
OpenVPN encryption.


Author: Jason Freeman

Jason is a security expert and researcher. He currently works in a mobile device security and shares his expertise by writing reviews of cyber security products.