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A lot of users trying to choose the VPN service find this provider and get confused with its features and pricing. It seems to be too cheap for the number of advantages it has. In this NordVPN review, we will find out if this provider really as good as it claims to be and deserves its place among the best VPN services.

This provider has some strong features that make it so attractive for customers. It hides your IP-address providing you with an anonymous Internet connection. Also, NordVPN offers two options of kill-switches: you can close a particular program or terminate the connection completely. It is rather useful in the case when the VPN connectivity gets interrupted.

Also, it provides customers with a protection from a DNS leak. NordVPN eliminates even the possibility of such leaks. This VPN service brings the anonymity to the next level allowing users to run their data through its servers first and only then route it to the Onion Router.

Double encryption is something that makes this provider stand out among competitors. The VPN service will run your data through two subsequent servers and only then let you reach the website or app. Even though this feature is quite often unnecessary, it can at least lower the level of your anxiety. With NordVPN torrent works quite fast and you can use it without any fear to be caught. The 2-nd server is completely unaware of your IP-address so there is no way anyone will see it.

There is one more feature that deserves the separate paragraph is a SmartPlay technology. It gives NordVPN customers an access to more than 400 streaming services that have geo-restriction. The list includes Amazon Prime, BBC, Pandora, and Netflix!

What NordVPN reviews forget to tell you about

Talking about this provider most reviewers don’t mention its downsides. First of all, there is no NordVPN trial. Yes, it allows you to get a refund, but it will take almost a month to process your request. Of course, it’s not the biggest problem, but it is not a pleasant thing to experience. Especially, considering that most competitors will give you your money back within 7 days. However, the possibility that you might want a refund is really low because the service is really good.

The quick review: NordVPN pricing plans

This provider is much cheaper than its competitors. And considering its huge range of features, prices are so low that you are almost getting the service for free. So, the monthly plan is $11.95/month, 6-month – $9.00/month, 1-year – $6.99/month, 2-year – $3.99/month. With such prices even if you only will use NordVPN torrenting it will be worth it.

Also, you can pay with bitcoin if you want to buy the service anonymously. The provider supports all popular payment methods including PayPal, credit card and even AliPay. Right after paying for the account you can download an application and use it immediately.

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