IPVanish VPN Review

It’s better to start IPVanish review saying that it is a perfect VPN for gaming and torrenting. It doesn’t gather any information about the user, it is flawlessly secure and has more than 1000 servers around the world. This provider supports almost every existing operating system and device. Some OS usually have issues regarding compatibility with a software. With IPVanish Windows 10, Linux and other systems will work with no problems. You also can install this app on your router and enjoy WiFi with VPN on any device.

This VPN is really fast – it slows the Internet connection speed by max 18% which is a great result. That’s why IPVanish is great for gamers. They will never encounter high ping playing the online game.

The application itself is very easy to install and use. The interface of the system is quite intuitive and offers the user a lot of settings to set up everything in a convenient way. Although there is a downside here – the system doesn’t provide the user with any instructions on how to set things up correctly and use the SOCKS5 proxy. Sure,  it’s not the biggest issue – worst case scenario you can Google it or try to find a relevant article in IPVanish blog – but it is something we can’t ignore. Lots of users pick this provider because of the SOCKS5 proxy and it would?ve been better if they had some support.

Since this provider offers really no logging policy, unlike many others, it can get you to the anonymous use of the Internet as close as possible. All your personal data is completely safe and is never stored by the provider. Not connection nor activity logs are recorded.

Features of the IPVanish VPN

One of the biggest advantages of this provider is that with IPVanish Netflix doesn’t block the streaming. Yes, this service works perfectly with this VPN. For now, of course, and not on all servers. The provider doesn’t claim that it unblocks Netflix, but tests show that some servers allow streaming on this service. BBC iPlayer, unfortunately, is blocked. Also, you can use torrents with this app. This provider understands that torrenting is one of the main reasons its customers purchase the service. So IPVanish seems to even encourage us to use their VPN to download files from torrents saying on the website that 100% privacy while torrenting is guaranteed.

IPVanish allows connecting simultaneously up to 5 devices while most competitors allow only maximum 3 devices. And while it might seem not that important to those who enjoy a single life, families will appreciate this

IPVanish VPN review summary

Let’s sum things up with listing pros and cons.


  • With IPVanish torrent has a high download speed;
  • High connection speed;
  • The high hope it will work with Netflix;
  • You can use up to 5 devices simultaneously;
  • SOCKS5 proxy;
  • No logging:
  • Intuitive interface.


  • Not compatible with TOR;
  • Doesn’t have 24/7/365 support (but claims to have);
  • Not the lowest prices on the market;
  • No instructions on the SOCKS5 proxy.
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