Express VPN

Express VPN Review

Let’s start this ExpressVPN review with a short overview of all the advantages and disadvantages of this provider. Among its pros:

  • high level of encryption;
  • supports almost all platforms;
  • the support team is always available;
  • no-logging policy.

Of course, there are some cons:

  • 3 simultaneous connections max;
  • prices are higher than average.

Since this provider has not that many disadvantages, there is no wonder it is rather popular. It manages to survive and even stand out in this competitive market attracting lots of customers. Offering rare locations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and many other areas the provider has earned the loyalty of users around the world. ExpressVPN China users trust this app for its reliable and secure connection. The VPN supports all popular operating systems:

  • Windows;
  • macOS;
  • iOS;
  • Linux;
  • Android.

The provider also offers an extensive support for routers, PlayStations, Kindles, Apple and Fire TVs and many more other devices. Although it has a disadvantage – this provider allows only 3 simultaneous connections while its competitors allow up to 10. Most ExpressVPN reviews focus the reader’s attention on it. But practice shows, three connections are usually quite enough for customers. Including that the provider offers router support, which means you will connect with VPN on any device using Wi-Fi.

With Express VPN torrenting becomes easy and safe. Highly encrypted technologies will prevent attacks and the provider itself doesn’t log any sensitive data. Also, the connection remains rather fast. This provider has one more useful feature – the split-tunneling system. This option allows choosing which programs will use VPN. It is very convenient since not all apps might need VPN, and some might work significantly slower. The support team is available 24/7 in a live chat. It will offer you an extensive support helping you with issues you?ve faced. Creating this Express VPN review we?ve tested how fast will the user get help – we had to wait only a few minutes until someone got in touch. It is a great quality because sometimes you might have an emergency.

What other Express VPN reviews forget about

Most ExpressVPN reviews focus a lot at prices of this provider since they are higher than average. For a monthly-billed account, you will pay $12.95, for a 6-month – $9.99/month, and for the annual one – $8.32/month. Yes, it is a bit more money than competitors ask for. But it is quite a price we would expect for a premium app. Also, ExpressVPN coupon will let you save some money on the purchase.

ExpressVPN download

Once you choose a plan and sign in to your account, you will find an Express VPN activation code in your dashboard. On the same page, you can get an Express VPN download for the device and operating system you use. If you install the app on a new device, it will ask you to enter an activation code again. If the system will tell you that the code has expired, you can get a new one in your dashboard.


Author: Jason Freeman

Jason is a security expert and researcher. He currently works in a mobile device security and shares his expertise by writing reviews of cyber security products.